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Research Grants

Research Grants


 Guidelines, Conditions, and Mechanisms

Research Grant Application


General Guidelines

  • The research agenda should be original and has not been previously submitted to any other party.
  • The international research language is English; however, applications may be submitted either in Arabic or English.
  • The proposal should not exceed 25 pages (not including the cover page,  research abstract, references, appendices, budgets, and researchers’ CVs). Non-compliant applications will not be forwarded to the relevant committees for review.
  • All tables, diagrams, figures, plans, and illustrations must be included within the specified pages of the research agenda proposal.
  • The document should be formatted using Times New Roman (size 12) and double-spaced.


Conditions for Applying for Research Grants


  • In the group research agenda proposal, it is necessary to take into account the research priorities declared by the Centre, and to elaborate on an existing issue in the field, i.e., one which has direct relevance to individuals with disabilities.
  • All fields must be completed in the application form. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the relevant review committees.
  • An expert and qualified Principal Investigator (PI) should be assigned for the research group. He/she should have a record of achievement in managing grants, research projects, and scientific publications in journals indexed under SCOPUS or International Scientific Indexing (ISI). 
  • The PI should fully abide by scientific research ethics and procedures when preparing the research agenda proposal.
  • The PI guarantees that the research grant proposal is original and has not been submitted to anyone before.
  • The PI may not apply to the Centre for any other scientific project until the research grant file is closed.
  • Proof that the PI works with, or under the supervision of a reference body should be submitted.
  • The budget should be appropriately allocated, and the areas of expenditures should be precisely described.
  • The PI undertakes that the research group will publish three scientific research publications in high-impact journals in the fields of disability, indexed under SCOPUS or ISI.
  • The research grant process shall take effect from the date of signature. No parts, extracts, or articles published before will be considered.
  • The term of the research grant may be extended subject to the approval of the competent committees at the Centre upon an official request submitted by the PI justifying the extension request, provided that no additional costs will be incurred.



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