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Center's Goals

Center's Goals

Center's Goals


King Salman Center for Disability Research specializes in the following:

  1. Implementing scientific research in the fields of disability and providing all means necessary to support this endeavor.
  2. Funding scientific research in the fields of disability and supporting researches in this field.
  3. Capitalizing on the results of scientific research through applied programs.
  4. Cultivating interest in scientific research related to disability.


Conducting training, teaching, and academic programs in all subjects related to scientific research and disability.


Publishing periodicals, research papers, and studies related to disability.


Establishing a comprehensive information center that hosts databases about scientific research and persons with disability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and providing this information to researchers and specialists who can can make use of this information.


Spreading awareness about disability and its causes, and the best methods to care for the disabled at both the family level and the societal level.


Working with concerned parties towards the application of the results of scientific research through national programs and initiatives.


Coordinating with regulatory bodies to ensure the implementation of regulations and recommendations related to disability.